Gift Card

Drive your business forward and create your branded currency with Epipoli's proprietary platform

We’ll create a custom GiftCard programme for your business, that drives leads, revenue and brand awareness. The card can be used online, in-store and across any touchpoint.

We make it easy to manage your branded gift cards using HighWays, which helps you monitor performance, configure your card and integrate with your sales channels.HighWays is a modular multi-channel proprietary platform that manages the configuration of parameters and features, integrations, management and reporting.

Distribute your branded Gift Card

We distribute your Gift Card across B2B and B2C channels using our network of trusted third parties, so you can reach new consumers you wouldn’t have otherwise.

B2C Distribution

Physical Stores
Around 50.000 physical stores across Italy, from major retailers to neighborhood shops.
Digital Platforms
Join some of the best e-commerce brands

B2B Distribution

Employee Benefits
One of Italy’s most popular employee benefits schemes.
The reward employees and sales team appreciate most

Join the Epipoli Network

Whether you’re an e-commerce or bricks and mortar store, our Gift Cards can help you drive revenue by reaching new consumers.

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