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Epipoli Group Gift Cards and prepaid cards are extremely easy to find and use in Italy. Learn more about where to buy them in stores and supermarkets

Where to buy Epipoli Gift Cards in Italy?

Buying a Gift Card, a prepaid card or a reloadable card is truly simple. They are available at Mygiftcard.it or at many stores in Italy where you can buy them just like any other product. You can then activate them from the comfort of your home or let the recipient of the gift activate the card.

Let’s take a look at which stores and large-scale retail chains supply Epipoli GroupMyGiftCards and how to activate a physical card.

Where to purchase MyGiftCards and Mastercard prepaid cards and the activation procedure

Epipoli Group Gift Cards and Mastercard prepaid cards are available at special display racks or at the checkout counter of the following points of sale:

You can use it after completing three simple steps:

  1. Pay for theGift Card/prepaid card
  2. Save your PIN (activation code) printed on the receipt
  3. Activate the Gift Card using the PIN (activation code) and follow the instructions on the website:
    For Gift Card, www.attivazione.mygiftcard.it
    For prepaid cards, go to www.mygiftcard.it

Newsagents, Snaitech and Sisal points of sale: our gift cards are easy to find.

Buying a MyGiftCard is quick and easy 24/7: you can buy them online, at major chain stores but also at Snaitech and Sisal points of sale, and newsagents.

Find a GiftCard, to give away or keep for yourself, for safe and easy online shopping thanks to the widespread Epipoli Group network. As a matter of fact, MyGiftCard cards are always right at your fingertips: they can be found online (on theMyGiftCard.it website) but also at large chain stores and at newsagents and Snaitech and Sisal points of sale.In this way, you really can take advantage of the convenience and ease of buying ourGift Cards at any time of the day without changing your normal routine.You can buy cards just like you would any other product. After purchasing a physical card or digital voucher you will receive an activation PIN (which can be used by the buyer or by the person receiving the gift).

Activation procedure for Epipoli Gift Cards purchased at Snaitech, Sisal points of sale and at newsagents. The activation procedure for MyGiftCard gift cards or prepaid cards purchased atone of these points of sale is easy.

In just two steps you are ready to go: 

  • Shop safely and anonymously without sharing your bank details.
  • Activate the Gift Card using the Activation Code (PIN) and follow the instructions on the website: https://attivazione.mygiftcard.it/
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Where to buy and activate Epipoli Gift Cards Online: mygiftcard.it

What is mygiftcard.it and how does it work? This website is where you can buy and activate the best brands of Gift Cards and all Epipoli Group cards.

EpipoliGroup Gift Cards – in physical and digital format – are available on a migiftcard.it. To buy a leading brand’s digital gift card for yourself or as a gift for someone else, simply visit mygiftcard.it and check out the featured products on the homepage for some inspiration or, if you know what you want, click on the relevant page. You can buy any type of gift card to please all tastes: the catalogue is divided into categories to make finding the card you want a breeze. Clothing& Accessories, Beauty & Health, Fuel, shopping malls, Mastercard &Prepaid cards are just some of the online categories to help you find what you are looking for. 

Mygiftcard.it is not just a simple website where you can buy online cards, it is also where you can activate your gift card using a PIN.

You canalso personalize the Gift Card purchased by attaching dedicated digital card especially for special events: this is a simple and quick way to customize your gift without, however, taking away the freedom that makes this gift special.

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